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Angus Gray
via Google

This is one of the best gyms I've ever been to. Advanced practitioners and absolute beginners are both welcomed equally, not only by staff but by members as well. Those who are interested in competing in tournaments will find the coaching and support here second to none. Additionally, those who are curious to try something new for health reasons or just looking for a new hobby would not be out of place. Broadway is welcoming to men and women of all walks of life; the mat is a great equalizer. Everyone is respectful and you'll notice the same people coming in consistently which gives Broadway a very unique familiarity and encourages newcomers to come back the next day and the next...

Jimmy Hwang
via Google

My university has several decent gyms, but I barely persuaded myself to workout there. Broadway Jiu Jitsu is the first gym where I really enjoy sports, enjoy learning techniques and sequences. It has excellent instructors and friendly-tough members. I can't recommend more highly. I wish I have joined this bjj family years ago.

Alexandra Fuller
via Google

Exceptional school. I’ve been doing BJJ for 10+ years and have trained at most schools in Greater Boston, and Broadway ranks as one of my favorites by far. The instructor has high expectations in regards to effort and respect, but does a great job of modeling both. The result is a motivating and focused culture, and a healthy level of competition. He and the rest of the coaches are very professional and kind, and provide excellent instruction. They are doing a wonderful job of running a quality school while respecting the challenges/restrictions related to COVID..

Matthew Crnich
via Google

I dropped in from out of town for a couple classes. They were a great bunch. Good variety of skill levels in the gym. We drilled some awesome techniques then got into some sparring. For sparring you were paired up with people your size with a different skill level. I personally love that setup. (Keep in mind this structure could change this is just how it was when I was there)

Overall everyone was super nice and they had great instruction. Check it out!

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