Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ)  is a martial art, combat sport, and a self defense system that focuses on grappling and especially ground fighting. The art was derived from the Japanese martial art of Kodokan judo in the early 20th century. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is an extremely popular martial art and key component in Mixed Martial Arts competition.

A typical class will start with 15-20 minutes of Jiu-Jitsu oriented movements and warm-ups.

We generally spend 30-45 minutes drilling the days technique or position as laid out by our curriculum.

We close each class with 30 minutes of positional training or live rolling.

Student goals include increased physical conditioning, competition goals and promotion through the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu belt ranking system.

You will not only learn brazilian jiu-jitsu moves and brazilian jiu-jitsu submissions but you will undestand brazilian jiu-jitsu history and what is required for brazilian jiu-jitsu ranks.


**Thursday night classes are all live training.


 About Prof John:

  •  John is a second degree Carlson Gracie, Sr Black Belt under Fabio Araujo.
  • 15 years Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Training
  • 5 years Folkstyle wrestling
  • Judo Black Belt Under Victor DeSimone
  • Trained in Boxing, Muay Thai, Jeet Kun Do
  • Trained in Thailand, South America, Europe
  • Studied with Some of the worlds greatest instructors including Carlson Gracie, Sr, Renzo Gracie, Fabio Araujo, Carlos Gracie, Jr, Marcio “Macarrao” Stambowsky, Kru Yoi, Roger Denton  and Boxing Hall Of Famer Gaspar Ortega
  • Pro MMA record 9-2
  • Appeared on The Ultimate Fighter Season 7
  • Multiple medals in IBJJF, NAGA, Grapplers Quest, Folkstyle wrestling
  • 2015 American Nationals Masters Champion
  • 2015 Chicago Open Masters Open Weight Silver Medal
  • John is also a graduate of NPTI, A-CPT, NASM, CPT, NESTA – MMA Conditioning Coach.
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